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HR*Midola’s Rainett


  • Date of Birth Nov 20, 2019
  • Color g 09 22
  • Owners Trpimir-Frane Sulić
  • Mother CH HR*Midola's Sonya
  • Father IC Shining Star von Moelus
  • SFDH (HR) SFDH LO 6110/20
  • Health PKDef - norm (N/N)
    GSD 4 - norm (N/N)
    HCM - neg
    PKD - neg
  • Genetics O/o - tortoiseshell
    d/d - diluted (blue-cream)
    W/w - with white
    A/A - doesn't carry solid
    tb/tb - classic patch
    i/i - not silver
    E/E - not amber

Extraordinary beautiful girl which we fell in love with when she was born.

Unfortunately, she was the only one in the litter of six who picked up an eye infection when she was not even 3 weeks old. It was really bad and we have feared she might have lost her eye. However, she has recovered but her tear duct got clogged from the infection. It seems her eye will always be tearing. That is something that brought her even deeper in our hearts.

She is extremely playful but very gentle and cuddling cat! Her expression is to die for. She has the longest tail we have ever seen in Norwegians. Her tail has a white tip.

It was decided she was going to live with our friends Andrea and Darko, together with Sirius, a boy from our Litter S2.


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Health & Screenings


    HCM - negative

    • Marin Torti
    • 22 Dec 2020

    PKD - negative

    • Branimir Škrlin
    • 15 Dec 2020


    • AnimaLabs
    • 19 Jun 2020
  • GSD-IV


    • AnimaLabs
    • 19 Jun 2020

    A/A - doesn't carry solid

    • AnimaLabs
    • 19 Jun 2020