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JCH HR*Midola’s Olympia


  • Date of Birth Jun 16, 2021
  • Color n 22
  • Mother CH DK Stevne's Calippo
  • Father Kadrin de Noldor*ES
  • Genetics O/o - tortoiseshell
    D/? - might be diluted
    w/w - no white
    A/a - carrier of non-agouti
    tb/tb - classic patch
    i/i - not silver
    E/E - not amber
  • Health PKDef - norm (N/N)
    GSD 4 - norm (N/N)
    HCM (heart) - norm
    HD (hips) - A
    PKD (kidneys) - norm
    Luxatio patellae - norm
A beautiful black classic tabby girl that we have decided to keep from our Litter O3. She will stay with our friends, Hranilović family, together with Ragnar and Rita from our previous litters.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

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