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Litter S2

  • Mating 13 September 2018
  • Due Date 17 November 2018
  • Males 2
  • Females 2
  • Father SC The Sundance Kid Valleverde*ES
  • Health HCM - norm; PKdef - neg; GSD4 - neg; hips - norm
  • Mother HR*Midola's Taya
Taya’s first litter of 4. Two beautiful girls and two handsome boys.

Our S2 babies:

NameSexColorems codeStatusRemarks
SophieFBlack silver classic torbiefs 09 22SoldGoing near Zagreb as a pet
SiriusMBlue classic tabbya 22SoldGoing to Zagreb as a pet
SylvesterMRed silver classic tabbyds 22SoldGoing to Zagreb as a pet
SaphiraFBlue silver classic torbiegs 09 22SoldGoing to Italy for further breeding - cattery “Forest Dreams”
Available - available for sale.
Option - someone has expressed an interest, but have not booked yet. Kitten is on hold but inquiries are welcome.
Booked - a deposit has been paid and the cat is booked.
Sold - full payment has been made and the cat has moved to its new home.
Total inbreeding of this combination is very low, only 3,37%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database Click on the following pictures to open the entire album:

HR*Midola’s Sophie


HR*Midola’s Sirius


HR*Midola’s Sylvester


HR*Midola’s Saphira

Saphira - 9 weeks

Possible colors of this combination:

Since Taya doesn’t carry non-agouti gene, there won’t be solid colored kittens. Macho is silver and thus 50% of the kittens should be silver. Taya has some white so there is a chance of kittens having very little white, probably on their bellies or their tails. MALES:
  • black tabby (n 22)
  • black silver tabby (ns 22)
  • blue tabby (a 22)
  • blue tabby silver (as 22)
  • red tabby (d 22)
  • red silver tabby (ds 22)
  • cream tabby (e 22)
  • cream silver (es 22)
  • black torbie (f 22)
  • black silver torbie (fs 22)
  • blue torbie (g 22)
  • blue silver torbie (gs 22)
  • red tabby (d 22)
  • red silver tabby (ds 22)
  • cream tabby (e 22)
  • cream silver tabby (es 22)