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Litter R3

  • Mating 27 September 2019
  • Due Date 01 December 2019

Buttercup’s first litter.

Total inbreeding of this combination is extremely low, only 3,29%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

Possible colors of this combination:

Macho is silver and thus 50% of the kittens should be silver. Also, Macho carries the solid color gene, so that 50% of kittens could be solid in color. Buttercup carries the dilution gene, so that 50% of kittens could end up being diluted in color. Kittens might be carriers of amber color gene.


  • black (n)
  • black smoke (ns)
  • black tabby (n 22)
  • black silver tabby (ns 22)
  • blue (a)
  • blue smoke (as)
  • blue tabby (a 22)
  • blue tabby silver (as 22)


  • black tortie (f)
  • black smoke tortie (fs)
  • black torbie (f 22)
  • black silver torbie (fs 22)
  • blue tortie (g)
  • blue smoke tortie (gs)
  • blue torbie (g 22)
  • blue silver torbie (gs 22)

We are a member of SFDH (Croatian Feline Association) which is part of FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline)


I have passed PawPeds G1 and G2 internet courses!