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Litter O6

  • Mating 25 October 2021
  • Due Date 29 December 2021
  • Males 3
  • Females 2
  • Father WCF RM CH JCH Xanti Solar dos Bosques*PT
  • Health HCM - norm;
    PKdef - neg;
    GSD4 - neg;
    hips - norm
  • Mother IC HR*Midola's Taya

Taya’s fourth litter!

Our O6 babies:

NameSexColorems codeStatusRemarks
ObelixMRed blotched tabby bicolourd 03 22GivenGoing to Slovenia as a pet with Olaf
OlanaFBlack tortie blotched tabby bicolourf 03 22Stays
OlafMWhite odd eyedw 63GivenGoing to Slovenia as a pet with Obelix
OlgaFRed blotched tabby bicolourd 03 22PromisedGoing to Italy for Breeding
OdinMWhite blue eyedw 61PromisedGoing to Slovenia as a pet
Available - looking for the right family
Option - someone has expressed an interest, but not booked yet. Kitten is on hold but inquiries are welcome.
Promised - the cat is reserved.
Given - the cat has moved to its new home.

After three litters with the same boy, this time we let her mate with our white boy. This is Xanti’s first litter and we might get some white kittens!

After this litter, Taya will be neutered deserving the restful and peaceful life. We have ended up with 5 beautiful kittens, but Taya had to have C-section done.

Total inbreeding of this combination is very low, only 3,75%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

Possible colors of this combination:

This will be very difficult because I can’t be sure what is hidden under Xanti’s white. I just assume he might be “d 03 22” (red blotched tabby biciolour).

50% of kittens can be white, regardless of the sex.

Since Taya doesn’t carry non-agouti gene, there won’t be solid colored kittens. Neither are silver so there won’t be silver kittens. Since Xanti doesn’t carry dilution gene, there won’t be diluted kittens. Taya has some white so there is a chance of kittens having white.


  • black tabby (n 22)
  • red tabby (d 22)
  • white (w)
all with possible white (09 or 03)


  • black torbie (f 22)
  • red tabby (d 22)
  • white (w)
all with possible white (09 or 03)

HR*Midola’s Obelix

HR*Midola’s Olana

HR*Midola’s Olaf

HR*Midola’s Olga

HR*Midola’s Odin