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Litter O3

  • Mating 19 February 2021
  • Due Date 25 April 2021
  • Father HR*Midola's Ragnar
  • Health HCM - norm;
    PKdef - neg;
    GSD4 - neg;
    hips - norm
  • Mother DK Stevne's Calippo

The first litter of our Calippo

Firstly, we had planned to mate her with HR*Midola’s Ragnar, a beautiful blue classic tabby boy from our Litter R2. However, she wasn’t ready for him. Then we have decided to put her with our proven Kadrin.

Total complete inbreeding of this combination is 4,63%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

Possible colors of this combination:

Since Calippo doesn’t carry the dilution gene, no kittens are to be diluted. Calippo has pretty firm silver lines in her pedigree and I assume all her kittens will be silver. Kadrin carries the non-agouti gene, so half of the kittens might be solid smokes.


  • black smoke (ns)
  • black silver tabby (ns 22)


  • black smoke (ns)
  • black silver tabby (ns 22)

Pretty unified kittens concerning colors 🙂

Click on the following pictures to open the entire album: