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Litter O2

  • Mating 29 January 2021
  • Due Date 04 April 2021
  • Father Kadrin de Noldor*ES
  • Health HCM - norm; PKdef - neg; GSD4 - neg; hips - norm
  • Mother HR*Midola's Rubi
The first litter of our super sweet Rubi!

She was mated with Kadrin de Noldor*ES. He has an extraordinary pedigree and traits which might be the perfect match for Rubi.

Total inbreeding of this combination is very low, only 3,95%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

Possible colors of this combination:

Since both carry the dilution gene, some of the kittens are expected to be diluted. They also both carry the non-agouti gene, so some kittens might be solid in color. Rubi is an excellent silver cat, and half of the kittens could statistically be silver.


  • red (d)
  • red smoke (ds)
  • red classic tabby (d 22)
  • red silver classic tabby (ds 22)
  • cream (e)
  • cream smoke (es)
  • cream tabby (e 22)
  • cream silver classic tabby (es 22)


  • black tortie (f)
  • black tortie smoke (fs)
  • black classic torbie (f 22)
  • black silver classic torbie (fs 22)
  • blue tortie (g)
  • blue tortie smoke (gs)
  • blue classic torbie (g 22)
  • blue silver classic torbie (gs 22)