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Litter N2

  • Mating 02 October 2022
  • Due Date 08 December 2022
  • Males 2
  • Females 3
  • Father HR*Midola's Oliver
  • Health HCM - norm;
    PKdef - neg;
    GSD4 - neg;
    hips - norm
  • Mother CH DK Stevne's Calippo

The third litter of our Calippo!

Our N2 babies:

NameSexColorems codeStatusRemarks
NormanMblack smokensGiven Going to Germany
NoraFblacknGiven In Croatia as pet
Nimi Jr.Mblack blotched tabbyn 22GivenGoing to Spain to the "Valleverde" cattery
NikitaFblack smokensGivenGoing to Germany to the "Koeni's" cattery
Available - looking for the right family
Option - someone has expressed an interest, but not booked yet. Kitten is on hold but inquiries are welcome.
Promised - the cat is reserved.
Given - the cat has moved to its new home.

We used the male from our breeding which was kept intact until now for this purpose. Thanks go to his owner for letting us have this opportunity.

Total complete inbreeding of this combination is 4,09%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

Possible colors of this combination:

Since Calippo doesn’t carry the dilution gene, no kittens are to be diluted. Calippo is silver so there is a chance to have silver kittens. Oliver carries the non-agouti gene, so there might be a chance of the kittens with solid color.


  • black (n)
  • black smoke (ns)
  • black classic tabby (n 22)
  • black silver classic tabby (ns 22)
Click on the following pictures to open the entire album:

HR*Midola’s NAOMI

HR*Midola’s NORMAN

HR*Midola’s NORA

HR*Midola’s NIMI JR.

HR*Midola’s NIKITA