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Litter M1

  • Mating 31 January 2023
  • Due Date 04 April 2023
  • Males 1
  • Females 4
The litter of our Sonya

Our M1 babies:

NameSexColorems codeStatusRemarks
MinaFwhitewGiven In Slovenia with her sister Molly
MayaFwhitewGivenIn Croatia with her brother Muki
MollyFwhitewGivenIn Slovenia with her sister Mina
MaryFwhitewGivenIn Croatia with her half-brother Oliver
MukiMwhitewGivenIn Croatia with his sister Maya
Available - looking for the right family
Option - someone has expressed an interest, but not booked yet. Kitten is on hold but inquiries are welcome.
Promised - the cat is reserved.
Given - the cat has moved to its new home.
This time we let her mate with our white Xanti. It will be very interesting to see this combination. Total complete inbreeding of this combination is 4,04%.


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

Possible colors of this combination:

Since Xanti is red under white, it is not difficult to assume the colors this time. Xanti doesn’t carry the dilution gene, so no kittens will be diluted. Sonya does not carry non-agouti gene, so all the kittens will be classic tabby. Since Xanti is bicolor under the white, all kittens which are not white will be with white. MALES:
  • black blotched tabby bicolour (n 03 22)
  • red blotched tabby bicolour (d 03 22)
  • white (w)
  • black tortie blotched tabby bicolour (f 03 22)
  • red blotched tabby bicolour (d 03 22)
  • white (w)
Click on the following pictures to open the entire album:

HR*Midola’s MINA

HR*Midola’s MAYA

HR*Midola’s MOLLY

HR*Midola’s MARY

HR*Midola’s MUKI