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we have available kittens!

Please check our litters for further information and photos!

A kitten from us:

  • Is brought up in the home and is handled everyday, to be sure he/she is well socialized with people and other cats.
  • Will move to it’s new home at around 13 weeks of age
  • Is fully vaccinated against Panleukopenia, Herpes, Calici viruses as well as Feline Leukemia and Rabies.
  • Has a full health check by our vets
  • Has a microchip ID and EU Passport
  • Is litter trained and has been dewormed on several occasions
  • Has a fully certified pedigree from FIFe

All new owners are expected to sign a contract with us to agree the kittens future welfare.

We DO NOT sell kittens solely over the internet and we only let our kittens go to loving, responsible and permanent homes as the kittens are so precious to us.
An e-mail, phone call, SMS or social media are of course appropriate for introduction, but we prefer to meet in person before the kitten is handed over if by any chance is possible.

We only let our kittens move to homes where they will be safe. All our cats live as INDOOR ONLY cats!