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In Loving Memory


d.o.b. 07.05.2014.
d.o.d. 03.01.2017.

Our first domestic cat who died very young. She was a beautiful long-hair domestic cat which we had saved from the streets. Unofrtunately, she had a certain genetic disease which took her away from us too soon. It was heartbreaking, but it was also a trigger to start the cattery.

IC Lotta av Randsfjord

a 09 22
d.o.b. 28.03.2017.
d.o.d. 05.09.2018.

Our beautiful blue lady has left us so unexpectedly, leaving our hearts empty and our eyes full of tears. She was the unlucky one to develop FIP and it was all over in only 6 days. Terrible UNCONTAGIOUS disease I wish nobody has to ever deal with.

Lotta, you will always be in my heart!

IP & GIC Koeni’s Yamina

f 22
d.o.b. 26.07.2016.
d.o.d. 12.09.2019.

Our first Norwegian Forest female in our house has left us so soon. My heart is broken… She was “poisoned” with the medication given for her gingivitis. The reaction she had is rare but possible. The Acute Kidney Injury was unfortunately not healing with all the efforts I have made. Sometimes we cannot do anything.

My Mina, I was personally your human pet whom you loved the most, and you will always stay my love, even now when you are not physically with us!