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IC HR*Midola’s Taya

f 09 22
d.o.b. 11.10.2017.

The keeper from our first litter T1!

HR*Midola’s Sonya

g 22
d.o.b. 13.08.2018.

The keeper from our S1 litter!

S*Uncut Diamond Buttercup

d.o.b. 11.08.2018.

Powerfull black female with the excellent expression.

HR*Midola’s Rubi

ds 22
d.o.b. 01.11.2019.

The keeper from our R1 litter!

HR*Midola’s Rainett

g 09 22
d.o.b. 20.11.2019.

The keeper from our R2 litter!

DK Stevne’s Calippo

d.o.b. 13.02.2020.

Playful and beautiful smoke girl.