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HR*Midola's Opal


  • Date of Birth Feb 13, 2021
  • Color a 22
  • Mother HR*Midola’s Rainett
  • Father Kadrin de Noldor*ES
  • Genetics o/o - black
    d/d - diluted
    w/w - no white
    A/? - agouti
    tb/tb - classic patch
    i/i - not silver
    E/E - not amber
  • Health PKDef - norm (N/N)
    GSD 4 - norm (N/N
    FeLV - negative
    FIV - negative
A beautiful blue classic tabby girl that we have decided to keep from our Litter O1.

Opal will be staying at our friend Igor, who lives nearby.

More info will be added later…


Pawpeds – Norwegian Forest Cat Database

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