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Let me introduce myself in the first place, just to be polite and to give you an idea who you are dealing with 🙂

My name is Trpimir Sulić, born in 1978. I have gratuated in the USA, major in Marine Biology and Oceanography. Now I own a private high school in Zagreb where I work as a principal and as a biology teacher.

I am married to Irena (1979), and we have three adorable children: Mislav (2003), Dominik (2005) and Lana (2009). (MI-DO-LA is how we ended up with Midola’s name)

We got our first Norwegian forest cat in January 2017, our beautiful silver male Oskar’s Divine Nimi. Of course there is a story about how and why we got him, but it is rather sad.

We had a domestic cat living with us for 2,5 years. We found our Lily on the street as a 5-6 weeks old kitten. She got all our love and was doing fine, until we unfortunately had to experience the downside of having a cat without the pedigree. Lily suddenly passed away on January 3rd 2017 due to a genetic illness we had no prior knowlegde of. All my family members were heartbroken and a new cat had to come into the house…

After some productive debate among us, we have decided to get a Norwegian forest cat from a cattery in Croatia. I have to admit how I wanted a Maine Coon one, but the rest of the family convinced me how NFO is the one we have to get. I do not regret a second of it.

Since NFO was not so popular in Croatia at that time, after getting Nimi and experiencing his extraordinary temperament, we decided to get another cat and to start a cattery, mostly to spread this adorable breed.

Being a very beginner, I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the German breeders who had an available female. She taught me a lot, spent hours explaining how cattery works, how cats behave, how to feed them correctly, how to care for their health, and so on and on. She is the one I can always rely on. ANJA VON KOENEN, I cannot thank you enough for being my mentor!

So, from Koeni’s cattery we got our first female Koeni’s Yamina (aka Mina). And that is how it all began 🙂

In my family there are 3 children. We live in a rather big apartment of the family house. All of our cats share our living space and are kept indoor as family members. We would never keep them in the outdoor cages since we have started the cattery out of love for this breed and the fact we love living with cats.

Since we have experienced the genetical health issue prior to breeding hobby, our primary goal is to breed healthy cats. We do not hesitate paying for DNA tests and we only agree to breed cats which are PKdef N/N, GSD IV N/N, HCM normal and with normal hips.

Our second goal is to breed cats with extremely nice temper. All of our cats have to be cuddly and adorable to live with. We like to spoil them since they all share all of our rooms, beds included 🙂

Our third goal, but not less important, is to breed strongly built cats with good coat structure, and all according to WCF standards.